The Doctor's Patient Series

Examining the Bratty Hotwife: The Doctor’s Patient Book 2

Examining the Bratty Hotwife
Released July 5, 2018

After her husband sent her to Dr. Morales to receive treatment for her sassy attitude, the sex-starved Jackie is beginning to change…change to putty in Dr. Morales’ hands, that is. Will Jackie remain peacefully compliant, or will she choose to provoke the doctor’s rough passion? Will she successfully complete the doctor’s treatment, and return to her husband, or will Jackie and Dr. Morales both conspire to extend her treatment — making it as long and hard as possible?

**Book contains considerable explicit descriptions of sex, graphic language, and may be too hot to handle! Includes consensual light BDSM, spanking, female masturbation, anal sex, oral sex, and intercourse, of course.**

Examining the Bratty Hotwife, available now on Amazon Kindle!

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